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We receive dozens of testimonials and thank-yous from clients every month.  These are all unsolicited! That means that Carefree Moves does such an incredible job that our clients take it upon themselves to write to us and say how delighted they are with our one-of-a-kind service.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to make people smile every day.

Your help was amazing. We would still be there trying to clean out my mother’s house if it weren’t for Carefree Moves.
— Marcia Keil, Beneficiary

“You are simply phenomenal! As a real estate broker, when I recommend a vender to my clients it is a reflection on me. I also know I will be working very closely with the owners and staff of that company. Carefree Moves goes above and beyond in all you do. Your sensitivity to my client's needs, attention to detail, and qualified professional employees are unsurpassed. Your flexibility benefits each of your clients individually as you look at every job as a unique situation for each particular person and family. No two moves are the same!  Thank you Cynthia for all the care you have given my clients in making their moves seamless.”

Sue Layng, Village Associates

“Their team has truly made moving a carefree experience. They are professional, efficient, and such a pleasure to work with. They take great care of our players and their families who are making their transition to the Bay Area. From unpacking boxes to organizing closets, even decorating homes for the holidays, they do it all and very well! We are excited to partner with such a dynamic group of women commited to providing the best service to their clients.”

Nanea McGuigan, Golden State Warriors

“Just had to drop you a line to let you know you and your entire team are angels! You came in and did your "magic" and my mom loves her new apartment. You made moving to a retirement community such a positive experience for my mom, which also helped me!”

Marcia Fisherow, Homeowner

“I am amazed how thoroughly you were able to empty a 4,000 square foot house in such a short time...especially when it was filled with 32 years worth of accumulated stuff...not to mention 6,000 books!”

Ruth Lowery, Attorney

“Carefree Moves offers an absolutely priceless service.  Their team of lovely ladies expertly, cheerfully and quickly do absolutely “everything” needed to get you from a 'full household' to a 'complete move' in a matter of days.  They run with everything, completely, at your direction, by sorting, packing, contacting various sources on your behalf as well as coordinating all aspects of the move from start to finish.  All you have to do is make the decisions as to what you want done, when and what you want to go where and, simply put, the rest is done by Carefree Moves.  My clients RAVE about Carefree Moves and highly recommend them in a heartbeat!”

Sue Rubin, Empire Realty Associates

“You took care of everything – one call from the Trustee and you went into action! Thanks for going the extra mile packing and shipping the furniture to three different states and even picking the new paint colors for the walls.”

Denise Lockhart, Beneficiary

“Thank you so much for the excellent help you provided during my recent move.  Your cheerfulness, efficiency, and professionalism were greatly appreciated.  I couldn’t have done it without you!  Many thanks!”

Pat Kirby, Homeowner

“I would say that we gave Carefree Moves a difficult task and they completed it perfectly. We were not expecting to move my 92-year-old Mother, nor was she expecting to make a move. She had been in her house for 38 years, long enough to accumulate a lot of things, many of which had not seen the light of day in many years. We had 5 packers for 5 hours to clear out dressers, drawers, closets and cupboards. The team was great and the team leader kept everyone moving, rerouting them as needed when they came to stopping places because I had to consult with them about whether or not to pack certain items (we weren't packing up everything at that time, just what we needed to live comfortably in a new house). I will definitely call on Carefree Moves again when the house is sold and we need to pack up the remaining items. Nothing, not one single item, was broken or damaged.”

Carole Flaherty, Homeowner

Instead of going through a list of different resources and spending hours of my time, I just made one call to Carefree Moves and it was done!
— Mark Wilson, Wells Fargo

“" wanted to take a moment to thank you for a tremendous job assisting Ms. James in her move from her home in Rockridge to Rossmoor. Your team at Carefree Moves went above and beyond the call of duty. From meeting with Ms. James each day to sort through all of her belongings, to making decisions about what to keep, donate, etc... Everything your team did was from a place of caring and understanding and l am truly grateful for all you did for her. I was especially impressed with the fact that you went to Ms. James’ new home to survey the space. By doing so, you were able to expertly assist her in deciding what to move to her new home.  As a Realtor, I always strive to give my clients a “Wow!” experience. I can tell that you and your team live by that mantra as well. When Ms. James told me that you not only unpacked her belongings at her new home, but that you also put everything away (dishes, towels, etc...) all I could say was “Wow!” Carefree Moves truly made Ms. James’ move a seamless transition and for that, I thank you.  It's an honor and a privilege to work with you both.”

Tom Watson, Climb Real Estate Group

“When new residents moving into our retirement community are looking for a service that will take them from the stage of being overwhelmed by the thought of downsizing to the stage of walking in the front door of their new apartment to see everything put away, favorite treasures carefully displayed, pictures arranged on the walls, and furniture placed in just the right place, we suggest the client call Carefree Moves. I call it a "turnkey" experience. The stress of making a move for our residents and their families can be significantly reduced for people who choose to have the caring and creative help that Carefree Moves can provide.”

Rayne Merrywood, Byron Park Retirement Community

“Cynthia from Carefree Moves helped my husband and I when my Aunt fell ill and had to move quickly from an independent senior apartment to a group home (from her home to “Assisted Living”). We lived outside the area, had no other family to help out, Cynthia was a godsend.  They accommodated my tight schedule and visited both my aunt’s old apartment and her new location to make recommendations on what items would look and fit best in her new, smaller space.  Their decorating eye, human understanding, and personal concern for my aunt were indispensable.  They should really be call “Caring Moves” since they do more than move- they assist families with difficult transitions.  I recommend Carefree Moves to anyone who needs some extra assistance moving themselves or a loved one.”

Catherine  Jaramillo, Homeowner

“I thank you for your thoughtfulness during my move. You were such a help in the organizational process of what to keep and what to get rid of. Your attention to detail made the whole thing so much easier and not so traumatic.”

Toni Conlin, Homeowner

“I am writing to tell you how thrilled we were to have Carefree Moves help us unpack our belongings in our new home in Moraga.  Cathy, Colleen, Florence, and Alicia were so warm, friendly, thoughtful, and efficient and an absolute pleasure to work with.  I can’t believe that we just moved Saturday and our house already feels like a home.  A thousand thank yous to you and your staff!”

Laura Revelos, Homeowner


“Carefree Moves cleaned out a house loaded with over 40 years of ‘stuff.’ They brought in a small crew who worked quickly, efficiently, and professionally to clear out the house, specifying what was going for consignment, donation, and trash, and then they cleaned up after themselves.  We were amazed at how rapidly things were done and how well organized they were.  And every person on the team was helpful and personable.  It was a joy to work with this firm.”

Marge Combe, Homeowner

“You really saved me! I couldn't believe how efficient and fast you were. The house was emptied, cleaned and ready to sell in 3 days.”

Jennifer Miller, Realtor Alain Pinel

“Thank you for making my transition so smooth. You and your terrific team of ladies worked so efficiently and professionally. Your compassion and 'grace in motion' were unexpected bonuses!”

Kathleen Tuttle, Homeowner

“Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did moving my father. In a most difficult situation you seemed always to know what was needed at just the right moment. Your tact, empathy and efficiency were much appreciated. And I couldn't believe how wonderful you made his place look in such a short time!”

Linda McLarry, Homeowner

You provide a raft of serenity amidst a sea of chaos!
— Betty Wilcox, Homeowner

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