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Frequently Asked Questions

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> What makes Carefree Moves stand apart from other packing services?

We are proud to be an all women company. Our lovely professional women packers/organizers are caring, thoughtful, efficient and enjoy making the moving process stress-free for our clients.

> Why are your "un-pack" services so highly regarded?

We specialize in setting up and organizing the household. We place the furniture and organize every room including all closets, cupboards and drawers. On completion of every job we bring homemade soup for our client's first meal in their new residence.

> What is the purpose of the complimentary consultation?

To determine the size and scope of the job together with preparing a timeline.

> What are some time-frame examples?

A Carefree Moves team can pack up an average kitchen in 3 - 5 hours, a 2000 s/f home in 1 to 1 ½ days, and larger homes in 2-3 days

> Does the client need to be present during the pack-up and unpack services?

Not at all. You can go enjoy your day and come back to a highly organized home.

> Do you refer reputable moving companies? Do you arrange the scheduling with the movers?

Yes. Carefree Moves takes this often-stressful portion of the process and makes it simple for the client.

> Do you assist in preparing the home for staging?

Yes. Clients and their realtors find this an invaluable service.

> Who provides the packing materials?

The moving company will supply the packing material.

> Are the packing supplies recycled?

Yes. After we collapse all the boxes, the supplies are removed and recycled.

> Are the packers insured and bonded?

Absolutely. Although we have never had to file a claim.

> What is a "pre-pack"?

The pre-pack is a one-on-one service to assist the client with decision-making on what items to keep, toss, donate, consign or go to auction.

> What is the difference between hiring a moving company to pack you versus hiring Carefree Moves?

We are competitive with any moving company, but our service is custom and personal.

> Can you pack china, crystal. artifacts, heirlooms, etc.?

Yes. We pack and label all boxes with meticulous care.

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